Product Specifications

VAM smart wearable device access Amazon Alexa though voice commands. Hands, ears, and arms free technology. make calls, send messages, listen to music.

This is the concept design of VAM. We are currently working on improving the design and making the product smaller.

VAM is a wearable device made to be easily operated. Operated with voice commands or tap, VAM is easy to use by anyone, regardless of age. VAM is equipped with a 2-watt speaker, so you can make calls or decline them, send and hear messages, or listen to music. VAM also works as an Amazon echo accessory, as it connects to Amazon Echo, so you can command Alexa through VAM, even when you are out of Alexa's range.

Here are the target specifications for VAM:  

Bluetooth Version: 5.2

Max Charge Time: ~ 2 hours

Speaker Output Power: 2 Watts

Standby Time: 7 Days

Standby Time refers to the time the product has battery when it is not being operated.

Talk Time: 16 hours

Talk Time refers to the battery life whilst being operated.

Wake Words: Alexa, Zinfanite, Call, Answer, Hang up, Volume up/down

Voice Commands: Answer, Hang Up, Mute, Volume Up, Down, Read Texts, Send Texts, Play Pause Stop

Range:  200ft in ideal conditions

Charging Protocol: Qi 1.2

Water Ingress Protection: IP67

Faceplate Materials: To maximize VAM's range, faceplates are generally not made of metal as that might interfere with its wireless signal strength. Each faceplate has a unique professional finish.

Default Tap Settings:

Device State  Single Tap Double Tap Triple Tap
Idle Start/Stop Voice Assistant Redial Mute/Unmute
Incoming Call Answer Ignore Announce Caller ID
Text Received Start/Stop Read Texts Send Text Announce Caller ID
Ongoing Call Volume up Volume Down Mute/Unmute
Playing Music Volume up Volume Down Pause/Unpause


 If you have a question about our product please email us or visit our frequently asked questions page.