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Smart Wearable technology. VAM works as a medical alert smart gadget or can also be considered technology for kids. Includes bluetooth compatibility.

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Smart wearable technology for workplace communication. VAM is a smart wearable device that is voice activated. Smart Wearable technology. Answers the question: how does technology increase productivity in the workplace.

VAM in the workplace

Workplace Solutions
Zinfanite is a website that sells cool gadget. VAM is a technology gadgets for busy parents. Wearable technology Operated Via Voice Commands Call, send messages, or listen to music hands, arms, and ears free.

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Zinfanite technology blog. blogs about smart wearable devices. blog about workplace communication, wearable device specifics, and wearables in healthcare.

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Smart Technology- Operated Via Voice Commands

Call, send messages, or listen to music hands, arms, and ears free.

wearable technology features icons. Make calls, send messages, listen to music, connect to alexa, hands, arms, and ears free. Connect via bluetooth, waterproof. Smart technology. Smart gadgets.

Product Features

How to operate VAM
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Smart wearable technology for voice activated services on th ego. Amazon Alexa services accessed from any room with VAM. Voice command operated. Pair to Amazon Alexa via bluetooth.

Alexa Connectivity

Zinfanite Technologies social responsability. Donate to charities with each purchase. Help under represented groups through purchases. Learn about us.

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