Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Zinfanite is working hard to bring VAM to market.  The Q and A below should help to better understand what VAM does.  Some features may change slightly as we near production. 

Q: How far can I be from my phone while using VAM?

Up to 200ft away from your phone in open air conditions.

Q: Does VAM have audio?

Yes, VAM has a built in speaker.

Q: Is VAM sweat resistant?

Yes, VAM is sweat and water resistant.

Q: How much does VAM weight?


Q: Can I use VAM without voice commands?

Yes, VAM includes a programable tap detector to adjust volume, answer/end calls, or play/pause music.

Q: What application does VAM connect to?

You can connect VAM to Alexa Services.

Q: Is VAM battery operated?

Yes, and VAM charges with a USB-C charger.

Q: What if I am in a loud room. Can VAM still hear me?

Yes, VAM has two microphones and a noise filtering feature that helps isolate your voice.

Q: What is VAM's talk/audio playing time?

16 hours continuous

Talk Time refers to the time the product has battery whilst being operated.

Q:What is VAM's standby time?

~ 7 days

 Standby refers to the time the product has battery when it is not being operated.

Q: Can I change the necklace that comes with VAM?

Yes, you can change it or even wear it by clipping it on your clothes.

Q: Can I use a different faceplate?

Yes, the faceplates are interchangeable.

 Q: What word detection can I use to command VAM via voice?

You may use "Alexa" or "Zinfanite" 

Q: What local voice commands can I use with VAM?

These are commands that can be processed without voices services such as Amazon Alexa: Answer, Ignore

Q: What phone OS does VAM support?

iOS 13, 14 and Android versions 10, 11

Q: What are some alerts VAM has?

VAM alerts you if your battery is low, new text, new email, low battery, and loss of Bluetooth connection.

Q: How can I distinguish between alerts?

VAM has multiple vibration and audible alert patterns.

Q: How long does it take for VAM to be fully charged?

It can take up to 2 hours for VAM to be fully charged.

Q: How does VAM connect to my phone?

VAM connects via bluetooth.

Q: Does VAM interfere with ICD's or pacemakers?

Since VAM contains magnets, we do not recommend it to be used by anyone with ICDs or a pacemaker unless given permission by their doctor.

Q: Does VAM have an accelerometer to be used in case of a fall?

VAM does have an accelerometer.  We plan to add this feature in the future.

Q: Does VAM require Alexa?

VAM can operate as a Bluetooth headset without Alexa.  VAM has local voice processing commands that will continue to work as well.

Q: Is there only one size of VAM?

Yes, currently there is only one size for the VAM base module, but we plan to have different style and shape faceplates.

Q: Is VAM always listening?

VAM is listening for wake words that command it, but does not store any other sounds. VAM does not listen to conversations.

Q: Can I use VAM with earphones?

Currently, VAM does not operate with earphones. 

Q: Can VAM be used by people with a heart pacemakers?

We do not recommend using VAM if you have a heart pacemakers.

Q: Can I find VAM via GPS if it is lost?

You can ring it to hear if it is nearby, but can not track via GPS.



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