VAM- A Gadget for Seniors Who Want to Remain Independent

Staying independent is the goal for many elders. Medical alert systems can be helpful, but they are functions is limited. Medical alert systems are usually not waterproof, have a short battery life, and you have to be able to press a button to call for help. 

gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent. smart technology for elderly. smart technology enables independent living for seniors.

In the United States 14.7 million older adults live alone. In recent times with Covid-19, many seniors have pushed to find a new solution to replace their caregiver as a precaution. 

VAM's smart technology enables independent living for seniors who live alone. VAM can work as a medical alert device that calls family with your voice command. Plus, it can be worn as a necklace or clipped on to your liking. At only a 1oz weight, you won't even notice it is there. Plus, you can also use VAM to listen to podcasts or music. Because of it's easy connectivity via bluetooth, VAM pairs almost any phone. 

Remaining independent at an older age can be beneficial to elders health. For example, remaining independent helps with memory. In addition, being able to live alone helps with confidence and self esteem.  VAM helps seniors retain a sense of purpose and facilitates the feeling of accomplishments by helping them stay independent.