Smart Wearable Technology in the Workplace


Managing a group of people can be extremely difficult when it is hard to communicate, and workplace collaboration is very important. In large stores, it is important for managers to be able to communicate with one another without having to search for one another. Technology in the workplace can aid managing your team. VAM, a new technological workplace communication tool that can help managers in a store communicate with one another easily. VAM is equipped with voice recognition technology, managers can call one another easily with just a voice command.

With the noise filtering feature of VAM, you will not have to worry about the receiver hearing you clearly. In contrast, many communication devices in the workplace make it hard for managers to communicate with one another because of the surrounding noise. With VAM's Bluetooth speaker you can communicate with your colleagues and increase workplace collaboration. 

It is common for managers to be rushing around, many times multitasking and having their hands occupied. Many communication devices require you to use your hands in order to communicate. VAM works with voice control commands, so you don't have to worry about having your hands full.

Delivery Services

It is common for delivery service professionals to have their hands full on the job. Carrying boxes, bags, etc. With VAM on their side they could still answer or make phone calls. Using VAM as a workplace communication tool would help ensure their safety. Workers would not have to rush to put things down in order to answer a phone call. Many cars are not compatible with hands free phone calling/answering. When they do, you usually have to press a button to answer or decline. If a delivery service professional uses VAM while driving, they would be able to safely answer calls, or send a message, with voice control. 


Retail is such a fast pace environment. Helping three customers at a time can be stressful. Plus, having to look for someone else to help or ask a question can take so much time! VAM is a workplace communication tool that could help retail workers ask other workers or managers for help, and get an instant response. Retail workers could save time and help customers easily and fast. Plus, a less stressed employee will most likely give better customer service.