The Latest Wearable Technology Device

Wearable Technology

The world has been missing one key wearable technology device - VAM. Unlike other devices that must stay in one place, VAM can go wherever you go. Its easy connectivity and light weight make it the perfect portable companion. VAM enables multitasking. Particularly, VAM is a technology gadget for busy parents.


 Features Zinfanite- VAM Bose- Soundwear Companion Bose-Frames Zulu Audio Google Glasses Apple Watch
Voice Activated Yes No No No Yes Yes
Water Proof Yes No No No No Yes
Audio Play Time 12hrs 12 hrs 3.5 hrs 4 hrs 8 hrs No Feature
Weight (Ounces) 1 oz 9 oz 1.58 oz 7.9 hrs 1.6 oz 1.76
Tap Gestures Yes No No No Yes Yes
Voice Isolation Yes No No No No No


Did you know?

In 2017, 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States. That’s about one death every 88 minutes. (

Your safety is important to us. When designing VAM, we kept safety in mind. VAM ensures that you can stay aware of your surrounding, as it is hands, arms, and ears free. No matter if you're on a run or a walk, with VAM you can hear everything around you clearly. You'll be able to run safely at day or night. Unlike headphones that don't let you hear your surroundings, or hurt your ears, VAM is a waterproof wearable speaker worn near your chest. 


Zinfanite is working with audio experts to create a product that will give you an ultimate sound experience. VAM's equipped with a 2 watt speaker, so you can enjoy music or a podcast on a walk or jog.  You no longer need to carry a portable speaker with you at a pool party or picnic when you have VAM. VAM's crisp clear speaker are with you. VAM is a communication device and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It's versatility makes it the perfect smart jewelry companion for anyone.


Wearable technology can be hard to integrate in our dressing style. But, VAM can be customized to fit your style every day. You can change the faceplates and the necklace! For example, you can change the necklace for a pearl necklace or a gold chain. Don't like the necklace look? No problem, clip it to your shirt, it's totally up to you. Smart jewelry devices have never looked better.

VAM is the Best Choice

Earbuds can be uncomfortable and hurtful. They come in one size, that doesn’t always fit. In addition, earbuds can be a safety hazard, as it is hard to hear what is going on around you. In contrast, VAM lets you hear your surrounding. You can safely listen to music or your favorite podcast with this wearable technology device 

Portable speakers are not designed to be carried everywhere, and serve only one purpose, that is listening to music. But, VAM is easily carried with you (only weights 1 oz (ca. 38 g) !) and serves multiple purposes. 

Smart Watches are not designed for music playing. VAM strikes a perfect balance between listening to music and taking a voice call and providing the ultimate hands, arms, and ears free experience. 

Made for Everyone

Technology has a reputation for being hard to use. Many people believe that technology is for 20 somethings, but not VAM. There is a misconception that elderly struggle with technology, but with VAM that will change. The elderly now have a wearable device that is easy to use. Plus, VAM is a kid friendly communication device. With voice recognition technology, VAM is easy to operate. Best of all, VAM is smart jewelry that can be incorporated to our daily lives. 

Another additional benefit of VAM is that it can be used in emergencies. VAM helps elderly living alone, who want to remain independent. No matter where they are, if VAM is with them and within 200ft (60.96 m) of their phone they can call for help. Kids can also call the police if they feel they are in danger. If they are lost or walking alone, they can use the voice command feature to call hands, ears, and arms free.